Did you know you can "believe the future in"?

Wow! It's been over a month since my last blog post and since we're in the midst of a pandemic and people are staying inside I thought I'd share this little talk by Neville Goddard, from 1969!!!

But first a little backstory:

In August 2019 I came across a YouTube video called "You Were Born Rich". It was recorded back in 1988. Which led to my attending an online seminar called "Paradigm Shift" in October 2019, which I attended again in January 2020. Which led to my joining the Bob Proctor Coaching Program, which led to my becoming a PGI Consultant, which led to this lecture by Neville Goddard (narrated and commentary by Brian Scott).

How could I have missed this??? You're gonna love this!

I suppose it's true that when you're ready for a thing, it shows up.

If you're interested in finding out what I mean when I say "believe the future IN" give a listen to Neville's little talk. It'll change your life.

In April I'm facilitating my first 6 month coaching program called "Thinking Into Results", so that's exciting! The very program I'm facilitating teaches these very concepts!!! If you'd like to know more about that schedule a 1/2 hour with me on the phone or via video-chat. I can help you figure out what you *really* want and then the program will show you how to get it!

And finally, people are wondering what's up with all this online business stuff I've been involved with over the past several years, have I abandoned it? Is it all a scam? No, I haven't abandoned it and No it's not a scam. I've definitely learned how to get my message out to the online community using various systems and tools that are easy and cheap to use.

For example, this website was created using Wix.

Another system I've been using primarily is something called Power Lead System. I use that system to create all my landing pages and have pretty much used it just to promote the tools but now I'm shifting towards USING the tools to promote my consulting business.

People can still buy these tools from me. Click on the picture of my spot in San Francisco Chinatown if you want to get a 7-day Free Trial of my system.

It is possible to earn income online, and it seems that might be where a lot of people turn to as time goes by. I thought I should just remind people that there are alternatives now that businesses have shut down and everybody's working at home anyways.

Stay Safe Everybody!

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