My New Sign!

My new sign, which I'm going to use for my background when I make videos, was ready today. I cracked it down the middle accidentally when carrying it home. I put some scotch tape on the front and back and you can't really notice it.

The Thinking Into Results program I'm going through is pretty amazing, but it's also making me a little bit crazy, I know it's the paradigm and more self awareness at play. I'm on Lesson 6, Day 12, but I haven't been consistent in listening to the lessons twice per day but I've definitely been studying everyday and getting things ready to do business.

I'm definitely ready to do business and am now creating leads. One idea I have is for every new client I get I will also provide a TIR spot for someone who doesn't have the money to do the program at this time and are deserving to have a "scholarship"; when I think about it I could also provide a seat for the free student AND pay them $1000 if they bring me the client. It's a win/win.

I've build out a landing page for it at

Here's the logo for it that someone at Fiverr made for me.

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