Network Marketing in the 21st Century

This is how I leverage technology to build my list of customers and potential partners. Check it out!

It's just like talking to all your family and friends but instead of having them run away saying "OMG that's a pyramid scheme" you get to attract complete strangers who share your interest in creating a full time income online. Isn't that cool?

I'm happy to announce that it's officially working! Look at all the leads I got!!!

You know those forms you get when you join one of these network marketing companies where you write the names of all your family and friends? It's just like that but I leverage technology to attract the right people, those who are open to learning how to build a full time income online, and then write THEIR names in the forms.

After that I follow up with them. I email them. I text them. People join me, or not. It's all good, and I get to keep my family and friends.

It's as simple as that.

Note: That 70's thing on the screen is because I was listening to my 70's tunes while following up with my leads. Gives me something to do in my retirement as I help people reach their dreams with all this cool info on my website!

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