Time to Rebuild

Today I pulled the pin on Facebook and de-activated my personal account -- I made a new business account though. My name is Spark Thefire! Maybe it was the politics, maybe it was just the idea that I had friends on there that I don't remember how I met them, why I met them and why I would even want to maintain an account filled with all my random conversations, half the time with complete strangers, or maybe it was just time to let it all go and rebuild.

The fact is, facebook is a useful way to stay in touch with people you've met along the way. I'm going to be much more selective about who I add as friends, who I follow and what I post. No more political posts or any kind of post that casts anyone in a bad light. I'm recreating my social media presence. Every post I make will be positive, encouraging, loving, funny, empowering and all things like that.

So, what have you been doing during the pandemic?

I finished an online music class (30 days), an online meditation training (for 7 weeks), I'm on my 7th week of a program I'm learning how to facilitate called Thinking Into Results, I read a few books, went to an online 3-day sales training, launched a new LLC, built the website for it, found more tools for internet marketing and, of course, de-activated my personal Facebook account.

Life is good! That's my latest thought.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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