What will you do when you retire?

A couple of weeks ago I finally pulled the pin, quit my job and started a 13-month coaching program to lead me into my final chapters, otherwise known as retirement.

Part of the process was to create a purpose statement and this is what I came up with:

I give myself freely and unconditionally to full self-expression, limitless possibility and workability in the world. People can count on me to apply my coaching and technical expertise to assist them in developing an effective mindset which, when combined with certain technical information, will help them create multiple streams of income online, offline and all the time!

It's reMarkable!

I also bought one of these bad boys! It's an electronic tablet! I have always been a notebook kinda guy and now I can keep everything organized in little electronic notebooks! You can get one here.

In the process of making some fine tuning adjustments to my life, I also upgraded my workspace with a larger refrigerator and more desk space. I'm going to raise the bed up another 18.5 inches and my little man-cave will be complete.

It is from this very location that I will build my online empire! LOL.

If you're retired, soon to be retired, or simply want to learn a simple way to earn money online I'm available to help you. All you gotta do is ask!

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