Who wants to learn about paradigms (and how to shift them)?

It's hard to believe but it was 46 years ago today that I joined the United States Air Force.

I was 17 years old, halfway through 10th grade, needed 21 credits to graduate and only had 3.5. Things looked hopeless.

Had I had the information available in this livestream seminar back then my life would have been completely altered. The cool thing is it doesn't really matter what could have been, instead I've found focusing on the future as if it's already happened MAKES it happen......and repetition is key! Get your paradigm straight and you're in in for a happy, productive life.

We're either creating or disintegrating and we have a choice!

I watched this live stream back in October over 3 days and realized I not only wanted to learn this stuff, I wanted to share this stuff. And so I do.

Check it out!

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